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Max Danger

Max Danger




     Trained a fine jeweller from Copenhagen and with a MA in Jewellery and Metal from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London, Danger started up his own brand Danger Jewels.

His love for precious metals, gemstones and his meticulous attention to detail is projected into the work along with his life long passion for illustrating.

 The MA at The Royal College of Art was spent perfecting ways to integrate these passions and making them work in symbioses. His pieces are inspired by contemporary journeys and narratives, combined with a vivid imagination.

Growing up reading comic books and later finding the Copenhagen suburban street scene, Dangers practice delivers highpolished edgey contemporary pieces made with a respect for the traditional virtues within jewellery.

 Amongst his achievements is the Theo Fennell Award for Overall Excellence and the Best New Design Award from the Worshipful Goldsmiths Company in Great Britain.




”As midnight fades into dawn, we begin the journey.

Across the endless space of time.

From mind to mind, face to face.

Faces to faces, oasis to oasis. In your mind.

Move with time. The journey begins…”


 - Amos Leon Thomas.

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