Using my illustrations as a starting point, my jewellery aims to translate narratives into three dimensional wearable objects. I trained as a fine jeweller in my native city of Copenhagen, and then at the Royal College of Art in London. I creative fictive scenarios from my mind and leave it up to the wearer of the piece to work out the story.

My current collection embodies my recent research into bees and urban beekeeping, studying the cluster formation in their hives and the potential risks they are being exposed to on a daily basis. In my jewellery I integrate these concepts with stories, retaining an imaginative approach to the subject matter. Paying tribute to the old virtues of jewellery, everything is handmade and I value skilled craftsmanship and quality materials. Using modified sewing needles as carving tools, I sculpt the miniature objects initially in wax. My use of gold and gemstones extends to their symbolism and role in the narrative and goes beyond functioning as purely decorative.

Breathing soul and personality into a piece is what drives me. This combined with meticulous attention to detail is what makes my jewellery unique. I aim for the highest level of detail and sophistication and to imbue my personality and background in the expression of the piece.

”As midnight fades into dawn, we begin the journey.
Across the endless space of time.
From mind to mind, face to face.
Faces to faces, oasis to oasis. In your mind.
Move with time. The journey begins…”

– Amos Leon Thomas.


  • Goldsmithsfair Graduate Bursary, 2016
  • Goldsmiths Design award, silver award jewellers 3d finished pieces, 2016
  • Goldsmiths Design Award, bronze award precious jewellery designers, 2016
  • 1st Prize, Theo Fennel award for “Overall excellence”, 2014
  • Sustain RCA finalist, 2014
  • Commended award in stone mounting Juniors, Goldsmiths craft and design council, 2013
  • Awarded with medal for “Excellent Craftsmanship”, Copenhagen Technical College, 2011